Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who else freaks out ...

when your 5 year old comes into your room this morning while you are getting ready for work and tells you he has a headache right at the base of his skull?? Only parents with rare head diseases that's who! Let me tell you my heart stopped beating for a minute and I started playing 20 questions with him.

He played kicked ball at school yesterday and I asked if he got hit with ball and he says mom that ball is not going to hurt me. He played rough with daddy last night and daddy lifted him up kind of weird and that was the move that put a strain on his head and neck. NEVER AGAIN! We don't know if my boys have CM1 or not and I don't want to do anything that could progress it in anyway!!

Talk about freak out moment!!!

He was better by the time we left for school.

Yesterday was another bad day...

By 10:30am I had to go home from work. I had taken my Tramadol and that hadn't even dulled the pain. I was leaning back in my chair at work and knew it was not going to a productive day. I realized this was going to be a day better spent just lounging on the couch. So that is what I did...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Went to the dr.

I went to the dr. for my refill visit. My dosage was upped because I have been having headaches a little more frequently. I am now taking 3 pills of Topamax at night. Let's see how that goes. I was also told to try really hard to stick to the Tramadol and not take the Excedrin because too much Excedrin can give me an ulcer in the long run. And that would not be fun.