Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chiari Carnival #7 Topic: How are you doing? Theme: Finally answering truthfully

The truth, the absolute truth...  Here goes....

I like to say I am 100%, but since we are being truthful.  That would be a lie.  Most of the time I am really good.  I mean, I am pain free a good 85% of the time.  I always have a lingering headache that I have just learned to live with.  I just don't let it get me down.  It isn't worth taking anything for because I don't want to keep taking medicine and ruining my other body parts (you know important organs!) 

Alot of the times I forget words, but people just think I am nuts or should have been born a blonde, I just let them think that.  No sense tell them that is my brain being too big for my head causing me to look like an idiot, I really am smarter than I seem right now!  I have a Masters degree!  The worst is when I am teaching (yes I teach, in fact I am an adjunct professor!) and my mind is gone, and my students are staring at me and I know exactly what I want to say and I feel about 2 inches tall... UGH!! Stupid CHIARI!! 

Do you know how many times just typing this I started typing and my fingers just kept going making up all sorts of gibberish.  It is like I couldn't remember how to type.  Oh and sneezing, which I just did, btw!!!  TORTURE!!!  My head feels like it is going to combust right there! 

That is why I said I am 85% because really I am good but there are so many quirks that when listed separately are just quirks but living with them everyday are CHIARI!!!!