Friday, October 15, 2010

Private Practice and other things

Last night on ABC's Private Practice part of the show was about a woman who they diagnosed with Chiari. I of course watched the show. To me it didn't seem accurate at all but of course I live with the disease daily and my diagnoses was nothing like that and I am sure to many of your, yours was not either! A quick and "easy" (because we all know surgery is not easy) fix.

The one positive that comes out of TV shows choosing to air the diagonses of Chiari is it gets the name out there and it gets folks wondering, HEY WHAT IS THAT???

And isn't that what we we want them doing anyway??

I have been feeling off alot lately. Lost of symptoms! I really can't go to the dr because we don't have insurance right now. I guess it is a blessing that I don't have a job because I would have to be missing work but I would also have insurance to go to the doctor so that I could be getting better. Such a double edged sword!!