Thursday, September 30, 2010

Symptoms raring their head...

I have been unemployed for a month now. Wow it really stinks to say that. The bad thing is now our insurance has ended. Without me working we can't afford COBRA. I refilled all my meds so that I would be ok because who knows what would happen if I didn't happen. The bad thing is I think I really need to go back to the neuro for another MRI, my symptoms are coming back in full force and I don't think upping my meds are going to help... UGH! All they did was keep me from getting headaches and the symptoms I am having are the tightening in my neck that eventually makes me feel like I am going to pass out because my heart starts racing as well as numbness in my hands and feet. This is so FRUSTRATING!

It would have to happen right at the time when I can't go to the doctor. Plus I haven't been to the neuro in LONG time!! 2 years maybe. I have have just been seeing the pain management dr because that had been working for me. What to do now.