Monday, January 12, 2009

Feeling AWFUL

So I know it has been FOREVER since I have written, but I have been feeling ok lately. Not the greatest at times but a headache here or there was manageable. But I have litearlly been coughing with this sinus CRAP since November and I can't take it anymore.

We all know that coughing is like the worse thing for anyone with ACM. Well I have been coughing so hard that I literally choke and almost throw up. In fact a I threw up in my hand not too long ago. I cough all the time. I am MISERABLE. It is like there is one piece of phlegm just stuck in my throat torturing me.

I slept on the couch last night in the hopes of not coughing, well not only did that not work I also got a crick in my neck, so now I have an even worse headache NICE!!!

Someone please save me from this misery!!!!!!!!!

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sabadew2 said...

Hi! I set out to leave a comment and it was turning into a, I just wanted to say I have recently been diagnosed with chiari type 1.....and there are SIX people in my family (so far) diagnosed with it....I think probably there will be at least 5 more! Of the six diagnosed, 4 of them are me, my daughter and 2grandkids. 3 other daughters are in the process of being tested! Don't hesitate to have your kids checked, especially if they are symptomatic. It is important if they will be playing sports in school too!

If you want to email me, maybe we can compare notes??? my email address is: just make sure you put 'chiari' in the subject line so I will not delete it as junk mail!

Best of luck! Sherry