Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This weather!

I have had a daily headache thanks to the darn weather! I was doing great and then BAM! I am so tired of the rain. As soon and the barometric pressure starts to fluctuate my headaches go through the roof!

I have started seeing a chiropractor who actually knows what ACM1 is! I am so excited! He does nothing around my neck area but I am hoping that the adjustments with help with blood flow to my brain!

I can say that have ACM1 does give me one thing to be thankful for taking a concoction of medications daily and one of the side effects (among many) is weight loss! As my coworkers left today to go to Weight Watchers and I pray I never have to do that again. I have struggled with my weight and now I don't have to. It just fall off (30lbs to be exact!) Thank you Topamax! Oh yeah thank you for also making cokes taste fun and my hands feeling tingly and numb but you are working on keeping my headaches to a minimum so that is my true THANK YOU!!

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