Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trying week.

So we have been without insurance for a month. I started a new job in April and my insurance ended May 1st. However my new insurance starts today! HURRAY. I have never been without insurance or made my family be without insurance. It was a scary month.

Ok now to the point of that rambling. I ran out of Topamax a week ago. As we all know this drug is a lifesaver for headaches. I have been fortunate that the weather is nicer or I would have had some horrible ones. I did feel off all week and my taste buds are back to normal, except I had gotten so used to my old taste buds that everything tastes super sweet now.

Well today after work I am headed straight to the pharmacy to get my prescription. I don't like the way I feel without my meds!!

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HarmonieHudgins said...

Hi Adrianne,

My name is Harmonie. My finace, John, was diagnosed with ACM1 last year. We have seen every doctor you can think of about it, been to countless ER's, etc. We finally met with a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic about this time last year who told us that CSF flow is great and that the herniation was no where near as bad as we were originally told. He has read through a couple of your posts and feels like he should talk to you about it. He feels that your story/symptoms/etc. sound very like his and asked me to contact you about it.

He would love if you could e-mail us. Please do, as soon as you have some time. :)

Thank you so much!
Harmonie & John