Friday, June 17, 2011

Nice new article.

Yesterday I was scanning twitter and was pleasantly surprised to see a local news article on a man with Chiari... WHAT?!?! They actually recognized that there are people living daily with this disease. Now I realize that I am one of the lucky ones. I have random symptoms headaches (daily) and right now this blasted feeling of bugs crawling on me, and maybe some numbness here or there. And of course the dreaded never being able to remember ANYTHING I wanted to say (which of course makes holding a conversation almost embarrassing) but these symptoms are totally doable!! I can thrive. This story took me back to thankful...

Anyways, here it is for you all!! And once again I was just surprised it was in my local newspaper!!

Now the flaws, the title... I know they had to make it all dramatic to get someone to read it and I realize that Chiari is HARD and dibilitating, but really... Yes many of us will die and many have... But there are many of us living as well!! Yea for him for getting to be in the study but why was he chosen, in fact how??? Why wasn't I asked? Or you? Or better yet how do we get chosen??? So many questions I now have!!!

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