Friday, January 20, 2012

Such helpful news for me!

I hope this helps someone out there as much as it helps me! I can't go and see this dr until my new insurance will pay for preexisting conditions. That is in April but as soon as it does I am scheduling an appointment with this dr. Because thanks to this article I now know what all my crazy dizzy/fainting feeling are!!

The Heartbeat Clinic


Shalunya said...

Adrianne, Hi! Fellow Chiarian here! Several of us that blog are looking at starting a blog carnival (a blog post written within our own blogs on a specific topic relating to Chiari). If you are interested in joining us please email me at

Anonymous said...

I read through your whole blog, and I'm eager to hear more about your chiari experience as it sounds familiar to mine. My blog is

I have terrible migraine-like headaches on an almost daily basis and doctors are very unconvinced that chiari and headaches are related and it's so frustrating! I find out Friday if I have a spinal fluid blockage. I have symptoms of hydrocephalus :(