Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Feeling not so hot today...

I am feeling like a did a few times before I was diagnosed. I can't describe the feeling but my head feels totally full of water that when I move it sloshes around like a fish bowl. It also just hurts. No particular area just everywhere. Earlier I was in a coworkers office and just the walk back to mine caused my head to hurt so bad, I also couldn't turn to look at someone when they spoke it was like I was pararlyzed. I hadn't felt like that in a long time.

I am feeling better but still feel just weird. I am so ready to see the neuro to find out what we can do!

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lace1070 said...

Hi from a fellow Chiarian ~ just wanted to say "hi" and let you know that I am on the same journey ~ it sure is a rough ride ~ but it's nice to know there are other's out there going through the same thing! I, too, have set up a blog to document my journey ~ check it out if you want to: http://livelovelaugh-lace1013.blogspot.com/