Monday, August 20, 2007

So much to post... So little time!

Well since my last post so much has happened!

On the 6th I was feeling lightheaded before leaving a coworkers office and instead of making a fool out of myself by saying, "Excuse me while I put my head between my legs," I decided I just wanted to go and put my head on my desk. I made it one step out of her office and passed out cold. This wasn't just a your knees go loose and you fall the floor gracefully, this was a your body goes as stiff as a board and you land chin first on a concrete floor covered with industrial carpet passout. Oh the irony of not wanting to cause a scene!

I was taken by Ambulance to the ER where I was x-rayed for broken jaw (none, thank goodness) and CT Scanned for a brain bleed (none again!).

Instead I got a huge bruise and goose egg on my chin
(this picture doesn't even do it justice!) and a blown vein from their first attempt at an IV.

I was released that afternoon and was told by my neurologist that I needed to have an EEG done "because there was no way it was the Chiari that caused me to faint."

Right have you read any of the listservs I am on. Oh well I digress.

So here I am today officially hooked up to 23 wires for the next 48 hours having my brainwaves measured. Oh what fun!! Don't worry I am going to take pictures. Who wouldn't want to document this medusa hairstyle?


carriebear31 said...

I came across your site of blogs and wondered if you were in one of the yahoo support groups. Also I wanted to know if you would be interested in emailing me your story about dealing with your Chiari for an upcoming event we are having in Ohio to raise awareness. You can visit my website if you would like to know more about me. Thanks

carriebear31 said...

of course, having Chiari, I have forgotten to give you my website address: (so sorry) It is:

all my contact info is on my site

lace1070 said...

oi!!! So sorry you passed out and had do the whole ER thing ~ but just think of how much fun you will have telling people your story! And of course, I think that your brain tail could totally make you pass out ~ I feel that way 60% of the time. Good luck with your testing ~ SERENITY NOW! ~Lace