Monday, August 6, 2007

So that is what a migraine is...

Friday I had the worst headache, but it was different from all my pressure headahces. It just ached across the top of my forehead. I tried every prescribed medication I had. NOTHING WORKED! Laying down made it worse. I slept terribly Friday night. I literally sat up in bed to sleep. Around 4am I felt so nauseous. I ran to the bathroom and got sick a couple of times and went back to bed. I knew that the sickness was simply from the pain. Fast forward a couple of hours, still feeling sick, still have a headache. Get sick again... and again. Finally I forced myself to eat something so I could try and take some more medicine. I took some Excederin Tension and guess what, it worked! How ironic that I have 3 pain prescriptions and none of them worked but a non-prescription drug worked! And thank goodness it did.

I don't ever want to experience that miserableness again!

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