Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another new Dr.

I saw a new doctor on Tuesday. He was a Pain Management Doctor. I am now on a drug called Topamax. He did tell me there was one side effect. I am bracing myself for something devistating like I will grow another nose or something and he says. Weightloss! Hallelujah! This is the best side effect one could ever have! Weight loss here I come!!

He also want's to try some injections in my neck that will temporarily deaden my nerves that are being constricted by my tightened neck muscles. Travis isn't so keen on this idea. I have posted a question about this on my Chiari listserv and have gotten mixed responses. I think right now I am going to do a month of Topamax and go from there.

Don't tell anyone but as far as headaches go, I have had a pretty good month. I know I just jinxed myself, but oh well...

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I saw this on CNN and immediately thought of you: