Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Visit with Neurologist

Hello friends... It has been a while... In this crazy disease that is a good thing! I saw the Neurologist today and he said I am doing well. He wants to see me in a year unless I feel I need to see him sooner. He did bring up that next time he wants me to have another MRI, he wants to make it a yearly thing. I guess because my symptoms are becoming more frequent. Not headaches they are totally under control, which is great! But numbness, tingling, drop attacks, etc! He also diagnosed me with Raynaud's phenaomenon. And when I get a chance I will post the pic from my phone of my finger when it is actually happening. Such a pain (literally!) He did say that if my next MRI has me herniation at 12+mm he will be sending me to the Neurosurgeon... UGH! I guess because my symptoms are progressing... I am at at a 10 now. 7 years ago I started at at a 6-7. So that is where I am now!


Anna Schoster said...

Hi! I also have Chiari Malformation I. I am glad to hear you are doing well! Have you had to surgery for Chiari? If so, had it made a difference by decreasing any symptoms?

Rebecca Stilson said...

Hi there, I am newly diagnosed and going for flow studys and m.r.i. and ct scans...its just crazy ...I have been suffering for yrs and now to put a name to it is ^blank stare searching for the word^ validating everything ...I need all the Chiari friends I can get...this maze of drs surgeons, neurosurgeons, ect. isnt something that everyone wants to hear about..but ne ways glad to of found your post!