Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I was diagnosed on March 22nd with Chiari Malformation Type 1 (CM1). I had been having headaches that were pretty intense since Logan was born but they have just continued to get worse and November I went to the ER because I was in so much pain.

They did a CT Scan at the time and told me it was a tension headache, gave me some hydrocodone and sent me home, they also said to see my PCP.

4 months later I finally saw my PCP, who after I told all my sypmtoms to, thought that I had some sympstoms of MS and had me get a MRI. He said he was being more proactive than anything, he didn't feel that I had MS but he wanted to be totally sure.

Well he was right, I didn't have MS but I do have something wrong. Scary as it may seem it is a huge relief to know that there really is something wrong with me and it isn't all in my head (metaphorically speaking).

Now I am just waiting for the neurosurgeons office to call to schedule an appointment to discuss further our plan of action.

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