Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yesterday was bad!

I had been doing so good since the diagnosis. My headaches were there but totally managable. I hadn't had any of the pain/stiffening in my legs after getting up to walk.

But yesterday holy cow! Everytime I stood up to go to the bathroom at work, which is alot because all I drink is water (ALL DAY LONG) by the time I was halfway there I would literally have to run in fear of fainting. I would hurry into the stall just so I could sit on the toilet and put my head between my legs. One of the symptoms of CM1 is fainting. Which before being diagnosed was easy for me to do.

I also had a ton of pressure in my head and neck, by the end of the day as I tried to drive home from work I had the hardest time just turning my head to change lanes, it hurt my eyes and neck so badly.

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