Monday, April 23, 2007

2nd Confirmation

I had my 2nd appointment with Dr. Michael and after looking at the MRIs done on Thursday he reconfirmed what Dr. Teal (the first neurosurgeon) had said. I do have CM1 and he said that I could now have surgery. However he said that he felt that right now I could just do pain management until any other symptoms occur or the pain just becomes unbearable that surgery is the only option.

You should have seen the look of relief on Travis' face. I now am being referred to a neurologist to discuss pain management. As we found out today my headaches could actually be combination headaches the Chiari plus a migraine, or tension, or sinus. The neurologist can help me get on the right medicine so that I can function from day to day.

I go back to Dr. Michael in 6 months unless I feel I need to come back sooner. Travis did ask if the Chiari is something that can get worse and the dr. said yes. He said that is probably why the real painful headaches just started in November. My cerebral tonsils have moved further into the spinal column. I asked him I will know if the Chiari is worsening, he said that I will start having other symptoms then just a headache. The main symptom would be tingling or loosing feeling in my feet, hands or arms. He said if this happens before my 6 month check-up to definitely come see him.

He basically said that surgery will be inevitable, but we can put it off for now.

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