Monday, October 22, 2007

Home Makeover and a chat with the neurologist.

So what did everyone think??? I for one am even more nervous now for my surgery. But I am super happy that this very unknown condition was highlighted on national TV. Publicity is helpful when searching for a cure!

I spoke to the neurologist today, he says that he and his NP talk daily about their patients and he would be doing the same course of action his NP is following. I said I am not having migraines. He then tells me that Chiari doesn't cause headaches. ARE YOU KIDDING!!! That is like the #1 symptom! I now know I am not returning to him EVER! Do you research. Just a simple search on google about Chiari and one will see that headaches are a symptom. He then tells me he has many Chiari patients and I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying wow you have them fooled huh.

I also found a local Chiari group. They have monthly meetups and I can't wait to meet others like me!!

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The Momma Chronicles said...

Doesn't cause headaches? Hello! It doesn't take a brain surgeon to conclude that Chiari causes headaches. ;-)

I'm sorry, that must be so frustrating. Brick wall, anyone?

Speaking of frustrating, I read the short list of things to help your symptoms... good grief! It's amazing the number of little things in life that we non-Chiari folk take for granted.

I hope surgery helps you!