Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not sure what to do...

I just saw the neurologist nurse practioner today. I go every 6-8 weeks because my headaches are still completely out of control. I just don't feel like she is doing the right thing. Everytime I look at her diagnoses sheet is says Migraine. I told her the first visit that I had Chiari not Migraines and she said that it wasn't the Chiari causing these headaches. I know now I should have just got up and left. I did see the real neurologist on my very first visit and he validated the Chiari. I now don't know what to do. She has completely changed my medicines again and I am going broke. My boss suggested I talk to my neurosurgeon (the guy that referred me in the first place) and tell him what is going and and see what he suggests. Any ideas???

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The Momma Chronicles said...

My gut tells me a neurosurgeon would know more than a CNP, especially in matters concerning the brain. I'd go back and see him if it were me.

Wish I could help you!