Monday, October 29, 2007

Neurosurgeon Appointment

Well it feels like we are back a square one. We went back through everything we had discussed on the phone. And I told him that I had talked to the neurologist as well and he had said that the neurosurgeon was more than welcome to call him so they could talk.

He said that of course the decision for surgery was totally up to me and if the headaches weren’t too debilitating we could continue to hold off. My biggest concern about all this is the effect that the medication is having on my internal organs. The Axert I am prescribed now I am only supposed to take 9 pills a month. I take almost 1 daily. I am ok with taking a lot of Tylenol or Excedrin but I know that is hard on you liver and stomach. Another concern I have it the surgery has about a 60% success rate. It is great with stopping other symptoms I could develop such as numbness, extra clumsiness, hard to swallow. But it has poor success with stopping the headache, which is the only symptom I have.

He said after talking to the neurologist he would give me a call and we could go from there. He said if I wanted he would refer me to another neurologist to discuss options. I am just tired of the run around with no definite answer.

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Zipperhead said...

That's a frustrating place to be. Know you aren't alone.

Keesha aka Zipperhead